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Landscape Design

Design is the most important concept to creating a sustainable and functional landscape. Sustainable landscapes contribute to our environment by reducing overall maintenance, conserving valuable resources, and eliminating wasteful pollution. Our designs are based on concepts according to the principles of Florida Yards and Neighborhoods. Creating a Florida Friendly landscape benefits our environment as well as the people living in it.

Prior to beginning our designs a consultation is scheduled to identify key factors necessary in developing your Florida Yard.

Design Consultation Points

Personal desires — We want to know your favorite colors, smells, hobbies. Do you like beneficial insects such as butterflies? Would you like a colorful garden? Do you like water features? Or an outdoor room with party amenities? Once we find out what your overall desires are we can better judge what to create for you. It is important to know how the user expects to use the outside space which is considered an extension of the house.

Site Evaluation — We do not begin a design until we receive a soil test; evaluate the amount of sun, available water, and surrounding structures. This ensures we pick the appropriate plant material that will live a long healthy life with minimal upkeep.

Budget — There is no sense of creating a design that is unachievable for our clientele. Our goal is not to sell the most expensive landscape we possibly can. It is to improve our community’s environment one yard at a time. We have the ability to create a gorgeous Florida Yard at any available budget. Our design and installations range from commercial and municipal properties to residential homes. Each design is unique and custom to each property creating a special bond for our clientele.

Installation & Excavation

We provide installations from one plant to enormous complex projects. Our excavation crew is proficient in the safety and skill to remove any existing structure or landscape.

Compost Systems

Compost systems are a great way to recycle and benefit your yard. We can create systems that are efficient and safe from surrounding wildlife.

Mulch & Organic Ground Cover

Mulch adds organics to our sandy soils, regulates soil temperatures, reduces weed germination, and adds aesthetics to our landscapes. We provide installation of multiple organic ground covers.

Organic Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable gardens are a hobby as well as a benefit. You can maintain a garden designed and planted to your choice of vegetables. If you don’t want to maintain the garden but would still like the produce we provide a maintenance service as well.

Hardscape Design & Installation

Brick Pavers — Brick pavers are a great solution for your pool deck, driveway, patio or walkways.

Interlocking pavers are a great alternative to concrete. They provide a more decorative appearance as well as decrease the future problem of cracking. Pervious pavers can even assist in water percolation which reduces rainwater runoff into our sewer systems. We have multiple selections of products that will fit any house, pool, patio, or driveway.

Retaining Wall Systems — Retaining wall systems are a great way to architecturally separate a normal Florida. Changing the grade with decorated retaining walls adds aesthetics as well as additional planting options.

Stone, Rock, & Outdoor Decorations — Unique stone walkways and decorative ornamental pieces can give any yard a touch that is unlike any other. We have a wide variety of ornamental rock, stone, and decorations to choose from.

Outdoor Fireplaces — Though we live in Florida, occasionally it gets cold enough for an outdoor fire. We can create a fireplace that is built into your landscape. We have a number of styles to choose from which provide a safe, contained area to cook, or just enjoy.

Aquatic Design & Installation

Full Ecosystem Ponds with Waterfalls — Our ponds are all equipped with a waterfall and maintain themselves by obtaining a balance of an ecosystem. We can create ponds in all styles for all types of properties.

Pondless Waterfalls — These are for the client who wants a water feature but either has a safety issue such as children or doesn’t want the hassle of keeping a pump running. Our pondless waterfalls are just that a waterfall. They are maintenance free, safe for children, and give clientele the option of turning the system off when it isn’t desired.

Decorative Fountains — A fountain can add an ornamental look to a landscape. We can install a number of styles that fit any landscape property.

Our Landscape Services

Landscape Management

More than maintenance – we develop a relationship with your landscape, thus providing proper care for sound balance.


Our certified Arborists will manage all of your tree varieties to improve tree health as well as the surrounding environment.

We create Florida Friendly landscapes that benefit both our natural environment and the individuals living in it.

Water Wise Irrigation

We will manage, design, repair, and install professional irrigation systems that will use water efficiently and appropriately.

Landscape Clean Up

Our environmental cleanup division utilizes a number of maintenance services to keep landscapes prolific and healthy.