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Landscape Clean Up

Our environmental cleanup division encompasses a number of services that help to maintain the world that we live in. We feel that it is our responsibility to assist in keeping our community beautiful.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning of all types of surfaces including Roofs, Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios, Pool decks, Houses, Walls, Fences or any other surface requiring high pressure cleaning. Pressure cleaning with chemicals such as bleach or chlorine can damage surrounding landscapes and local wildlife. When more than high pressure water is needed for the cleaning of a surface we provide a substance that is conducive to the environment and will not cause damage to surrounding life.

Rural Clean Up

Removal or selective thinning of dense wooded areas that create problems such as security hazards, fire hazards, decrease surrounding aesthetics, and become a constant maintenance issues.

Bush hog mowing of fields, pastures, lake banks, or neglected properties.

Line trimming of ditches, swales, berms, or steep lake banks where normal mowers cannot access.

Invasive Removal

Specializing in the removal of invasive exotics from roadsides, wooded areas, parks, preserves, or local communities. Following removal all stumps are treated with appropriate herbicide to eradicate reproduction.

Trash Clean Up

Removal of all types of trash or debris from roadsides, rural areas, parks, ponds, lakes, ditches, wetland qreas, and local communities.

Our Landscape Services

Landscape Management

More than maintenance – we develop a relationship with your landscape, thus providing proper care for sound balance.


Our certified Arborists will manage all of your tree varieties to improve tree health as well as the surrounding environment.

We create Florida Friendly landscapes that benefit both our natural environment and the individuals living in it.

Water Wise Irrigation

We will manage, design, repair, and install professional irrigation systems that will use water efficiently and appropriately.

Landscape Clean Up

Our environmental cleanup division utilizes a number of maintenance services to keep landscapes prolific and healthy.