We're passionate about improving our natural environment.

Which is why we apply horticultural practices that are conducive to the environment – like the principles of Environmental Landscape Management (ELM).

Our Philosophy

We believe in improving the enviroment and landscape for Florida business and homeowners. We do this by utilzing the steps below:


Planning & Design

Design compliments the lifestyle of the customer while focusing on environmental conservation.


Soil Improvements

A strong foundation sets the tone for longevity – we improve the quality of our soils when possible.



We use efficient and effective irrigation systems to maintain superior health of the natural landscape.


Practical Turf Areas

Using turf where it makes sense, will reduce watering and unnecessary maintenance.


Proper Plant Material

The use of native plants will create a sustainable and healthy foundation for the overall landscape.


Organic Mulches

Not all mulch is created equal which is why we use organic materials for optimal soil and plant health.

Proper Maintenance

Use proper maintenance procedures with regard to appropriate practices for each variety of plant material. Practices are based on the Best Management Practices of Florida Certification, the principles of Integrated Pest Management and the Environmental Management Practices program.

These fundamentals will be applied according to the recommendations of the Florida Department of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS).

Our Practice

  • Promoting the survival of beneficial insects through specific applications of insecticide/pesticides based on Integrated Pest Management procedures.
  • The use of fertilizers only to the extent of plant maintenance requirements.
  • Promote the use of functional, environmentally appropriate plant material in all areas of the landscape.
  • Prune and maintain plants to reduce stress/water loss and maintain natural shape and habits of the material. Sculptured hedging and trimming will be kept to a minimum and limited to necessary appeal and function. Pruning will be done according to sound horticultural practices and plant characteristics. Clipping debris will be recycled into the area where feasible.
  • Using native mulches where available at an appropriate depth to reduce water loss, add organics to our normally sandy soils and suppress unwanted vegetation growth.