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Benefits of Consolidating Your Services

Properties require a wide range of care such as mowing, plant pruning, tree trimming, irrigation maintenance, fertilization, pesticide management plans, pressure cleaning, and regular professional assessments. In most cases, these services are performed by different companies who have no communication between each other. This creates a problem. With each service directly affecting the other, its impossible to provide top quality care where there's no communication.

Balanced properties are an ecosystem that thrive physically and aesthetically when services are performed in sync, which is why we believe the key to managing landscapes is to rely on a sole source for all of your environmental landscape needs. This not only provides benefits to our clients, but also our company. Strong communication develops a transparent relationship which leads to a quality product.

Our Landscape Services

Landscape Management

More than maintenance – we develop a relationship with your landscape, thus providing proper care for sound balance.


Our certified Arborists will manage all of your tree varieties to improve tree health as well as the surrounding environment.

We create Florida Friendly landscapes that benefit both our natural environment and the individuals living in it.

Water Wise Irrigation

We will manage, design, repair, and install professional irrigation systems that will use water efficiently and appropriately.

Landscape Clean Up

Our environmental cleanup division utilizes a number of maintenance services to keep landscapes prolific and healthy.